Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finalized 2012 Schedule. Goofy DONE!

  • Donald Duck half marathon, January  - DONE!
  • Mickey Mouse marathon, January - DONE!
  • Rock CF Half Marathon
  • Willow duathlon tentative
  • Motor City Olympic, June
  • Welland half Iron, June
  • Rev 3 half Iron, September
  • Ironman Florida, November
Goofy's race is done!  It was a blast, even if not the *whole* 39.3 seemed like it at the time lol, and I captured the report of it on The Journey.  

Starting in February I am in the Lab 3 times a week on Lady riding my winter away.  It has been so hard to stay motivated, but with the computrainer lab all set up for us, this will help me stay focused and energized. 

I am also going to get back into the pool seriosuly and try to maintain my running momentum.

I am currently in Germany, so my training will be hit or miss.  Thankfully the coach has a lot of running, walking, and stretching on the plan for this week since I have international flights and to top it off I am sick.

Got to rest, get strong and be ready to come back in full force February 6th.  I guess you can say that 2/6/2012 is the day that I get back to work.

My first main race is Welland, so my short term goal is there.  I am looking forward to burning some rubber, and some blubber, this winter! Ha ha ha!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tentative 2012 Schedule

I speak about my 2012 goals and resolutions over on the Journey.

Here is what the coach and I have planned so far:

  • Donald Duck half marathon, January
  • Mickey Mouse marathon, January
  • Martian half marathon tentative, if coach agrees
  • Willow duathlon tentative, if coach agrees
  • Motor City Olympic, June
  • Welland half Iron, June
  • Rev 3 half Iron, September
  • Ironman Florida, November

I am also doing some century rides and long open water swim events as part of my training for Ironman Florida.

Oh my goodness, this is for real.  I am IN TRAINING for an IRONMAN.  I feel so excited for this whole journey!  

While the above schedule seems pretty light to me in terms of quantity or rather number of races, it is over 350 miles of triathlons, and 50 miles of running races.  My top priority as far as Ironman training goes is to be injury free come the morning of November 3rd.  Lightening up the racing load will help this.  At least, that is what Bonnie says!  :-D

Let the fun begin!