Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back in the saddle... Again! This time with 20% fewer excuses and 30% more productivity!

The past two weeks have been rough for me as I am not a "rest" type of person.  Resting = lazy to me, so I had to fight many a mental demon this month.

I would say that my fear of inactivity resides with the daily struggle I face to get out of the door.  For as active as I am, it is not like I am so without my lazy tendencies.  It was lazy Jenn who got to be overweight.  It was active Jenn who lost a net 45# (with about another 40 to go).  It was lazy Jenn that made poor food choices.  It was active Jenn that changed her lifestyle.

I guess my fear of inactivity is based on the fear that while I have changed who I am on the outside, the fat lazy girl with control issues still very much lives within me.  I feel that when these setbacks happen, it is a chance for Lazy Jenn to get stronger while active Jenn lies in a weakened state.  This leads me to wonder and fear, "when I recover - which Jenn will emerge?"  This causes stress for me.  I feel guilt when I am sick.  I should do more, I am not contributing, I am failing. I am not the athlete I strive to be.  I am lazy.

I feel like the outside of me does not match the inside of me and this has made it hard for me to comprehend that people will not laugh at me for saying that I am not only a triathlete, but an endurance triathlete in training for Ironman Florida.  I assume people's perception of me is completely out of whack to who I really am, because I am guilty of the same thing.  Judging a heavy set person for their lack of inactivity - and then they pass me on the trails or in a race and I think.. dang.  Inside I feel like an athlete, but outside I look like a lazy person.


Well enough.

I am finally at about 90% recovered from my illness and by next week should be at 100% hopefully.  Taking the time off allowed me a mental break and to reassess my goals.  I made some pretty big decisions while in recovery mode, ones that are going to assure that lazy Jenn stays gone for a very long time.

So last week I did nothing.  Nada,  Zip.  And it was nice. I needed a guilt free time off from training to get my poop in a group and get excited about the journey ahead of me again.

Monday I walked.  Tuesday I walked.  last night I swam in the morning (yes, me!) and then did my bike workout in the lab.  That was not easy, and it showed me just how much I have fallen behind.  I need to get serious and put in work.

I woke up at 3:30am this morning, was aiming for 5am, but then started to cough non-stop for over an hour.  I was so exhausted from the lack of oxygen and the annoyance of dry coughing that I decided to sleep and then go swim after work.

My new plan for success is to get in a workout first thing in the morning and if that does not happen then I am not allowed back into my house until I get the workout done.  :-)  Since I missed my workout this morning, I will do it after work even if this means waiting for a lane for an hour.  I will get it done!

I will check back in Sunday to report on my progress on this journey to consistency. 

I am also working on some posts on the topics of how Ironman is changing the way I view things.  Not how I view myself, but more so how putting in long hours towards one singular goal alters ones view of normality.  I, as of today, finally agreed with someone that I am crazy.  Yes, I can no longer say that what I do is normal.  Most people do not train in the winter and spring for 3+ hours a day for a race in November.  Most people do not get up at 5am to workout, only to not come back home until 8pm after the 2nd or sometimes even 3rd workout of the day.

That is not normal; that my friends is Ironman. And I love this crazy, because it keeps me sane!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Operation Detox and Recover

As I mention over at The Journey, I was in Urgent Care today, and found out that I have both bronchitis and laryngitis.  I have zero voice and a horrible cough, runny nose and am just plain out fatigued.  My body is fighting this virus, and I need to respect the fight.

So with that I am start Operation Detox and Recover.

Step 1 - Detox diet

Vegan/vegetarian/anti-inflammatory/no sugar

Step 2 - Rest

Stop training for the week (technically for the 2nd week, now) and allow my body to fight off the virus and to heal heal heal.

Step 3 - Recover

Once it is OK to do so, I will ease back into my training.

This is going to mean tracking my foods and making sure to eat clean, healthy and allow my body to spend the resources on fighting the illness rather than having to pull nutrients from poorly made food.

Hopefully I will be up for training mid-to late week.  However I feel that if I can be back in the saddle by next week I will be happy.  The doctor told me that it can take between 14 and 21 days to get over this illness, and I need to respect that.  My coach has my training plan reduced greatly this week to allow for rest and recovery, so if I need to take it off I know that it is OK.

I have a long road ahead of me to Ironman.  I need to make sure that I take every step with the intention of getting to the start line healthy, fit, and ready to accomplish something amazing.

Friday, March 2, 2012

*cough* *snif* *sigh*

I am sick! 



Training has taken a back seat this week to get healthy.  Small sacrifices today so that I can awake and fight again tomorrow, right?


I decided to be more diligent in this blog since I really want to capture the journey to Ironman on this space.  I am going to post up weekly (Sundays or Mondays) to see how things are going, accountability, as well as so that I have a record of the emotions as well as physical outputs that went into the making of IronJennikins.  Since I am so early in my training I guess this will show that I have been focusing on consistency.  This blog is to stand alone and once 11/3 comes and goes so will this blog. 

As of Monday this week I had trained for 10 days straight!  And then promptly fell ill. 

March is my no excuses month so this means outside of illness or death I must make every single workout work.  I am starting this on Monday since I want to allow myself the weekend to fully recover and not dig myself into a hole.

Let the fun begin!


For real!