Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Training update - Week 1 (Race Specific)

I am not focusing on IM Florida as much as I am following the process of training.  The first step is to get to Welland Half Iron in June.  At 10 weeks out, my coach had me start race specific training and it is completely different than what I have been doing - a lot of long efforts in a steady zone.  A lot of LT raising workouts.  A lot of threshold work.  A lot of a lot and then some of nothing.

It is a process.

Week one had me scheduled for 15 hours of training. I completed 11 of those hours, as I missed every single swim and had to cut one run short.   :-( 

This week my goal is to hit training much better.  All bikes, all runs, and all swims.  All core work, all stretching all everything.  It can be done I just need to DO. IT.

My biggest issue for sure is the swim.  I seem to not be able to get into the pool often enough and I cannot keep accepting that.  I have had 3 months to find balance, and now I know that it is not my schedule that impacts this.. it is purely me! 

My goal for week 2 is NO MORE EXCUSES.

I will get in every single workout this week.  No more accepting mediocre work.

Last night at the pool, after I got out I saw a girl walk over and jump into a lane.  She had IM tatoos around her ankle and this intrigued me as she did not look like a "typical" Ironman.  Way more fit than me, but not what I am used to seeing in the IM tattoo arena. 

I was intrigued so I watched her swim.  She jumped in (literally) and just got right to swimming laps, flip turns and all.  Wow.  She was so fit and strong and.. and... just everything that I want to be.  I CAN be like her, I just need to do it.

My goal for this week is to focus on not wimping out on the swim, but to get it done.