Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Training Starts Tomorrow!

Woo hoo!  As of today I am officially a member of Club Fraser.

Fraser Bicycle and Fitness
It was time to move on from the RACING GREYHOUNDS.  The team was great but for what I want to do, I needed something different in terms of growth opportunities.  Fraser has everything that I need - coaching, the lab, the entire package.  I feel at home.  While at the shop today, I paid my club dues, bought my Holiday Party ticket, and paid for my first month of coaching by Coach Bonnie.  I logged into my Training Peaks account and already the first month is populated.  I love it!  I have a plan! And... it starts tomorrow!  Now I just need to buy some club kit and I am all set to rock the Green in 2012. 

Right now I am an the "Pre-Habilitation" phase of my training.  This is the phase getting my body used to volume again, as well as getting my muscles strong and ready for the work ahead. I feel relieved to have a plan, a coach, and an amazing team right by my side for this amazing journey.

I am feeling really, really good about this.  It just feels right!

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